Ultimate 5v5 Soccer runs small sided soccer tournaments on all playing surfaces. Having over 14 years experience in running tournaments, we specialize in creating an event where all levels of play have an opportunity to play in a dynamic, fun tournament. Whether you’re part of a club team, recreation team, or simply want to create a team with a group of friends, you’ll be sure to have a great time playing in one of our events. It’s always nice to get a break from the full field for one weekend!


Soccer in the Sand

For 2019 we are proud to host 15 beach soccer tournaments across the USA, as well as our first international tournament held on the Gold Coast of Australia. Beach soccer tournaments is where it all started for us, with our first tournament taking place 14 years ago in San Diego! It truly is a great weekend for all of the family. Playing on the sand is unique and fun experience for all players. When you aren’t on the field you are in the water enjoying the great summer days!




Street Soccer Tournament

There is truly no other event like this. Our 5v5 street soccer tournament is a Futsal style tournament held inside the most unlikeliest place of all, pit road of a Nascar Speedway! You’ll have a chance to play inside the same track where the NASCAR races takes place. For the weekend we will take over the entire race track with our 5v5 soccer fields being set up on pit road. You’ll not only have a chance to play soccer on pit road, but you’ll also get the opportunity to go on the race track itself. The infield grass and track will be open for the weekend. The car garages will be filled with food, vendors and great activities! We are so excited to bring 5v5 soccer to the world of racing and give everyone an experience like no other.


Torero Stadium.jpeg

5v5 Grass/Turf Soccer Tournaments

Our mission is to create a dynamic and fun event for all playing levels. Playing a small game challenges all levels of play. It requires players think faster both physically and mentally because of it’s fast paced nature. With Futsal size goals you’ll be sure to see plenty of goals! It’s a great change of pace from your traditional full field tournaments. Not only do you get to play the game you love, but you’ll have a great day with friends, listening to music and eating great food!